Lots of ideas on how to shed or lose weight. From dieting, drinking of tea, cleansing, to surgery, etc. Since I don’t really buy the “no side effect” guarantee of most weight loss products (how do I know if the side effects will not manifest in a few years time?), I  decided to take the easy way out which is my way. I decided to avoid the weighing scale. So I am making use of the measuring tape. I know that it is impractical to target weight loss to only one particular area of the body. This is because to shed inches in one particular area means you must have lost weight generally. Having said that, on this matter of weight loss, my focus is on my waist line as a means of keeping track of my general weight loss. My target measurement without sucking in my belly is 28 inches. My current measurement without sucking in my belly is 35 inches. Too much ambition? Well, follow my progress before we conclude either way 🙂 No time frame because I want to form a habit that will lead to the loss of those 7 inches and maintain both the habit and the slimmer waist line.

For me, doing this my way means I have to go at a convenient pace for me. I don’t want to look haggard or sick simply because I lost some weight. So I have to start eating right. The first thing to do is to cut down on my white  bread intake. I love to eat bread. Don’t ask me why, I just do. Second, be consistent in my fruit and vegetables intake, much more than I ever did before now. Third, become more active. Not as active as I used to be in the house because I have people who have taken over most of my household chores. I will make up for that by exercising as often as I can. Fourth, keep a tab on my water intake. Fifth, maintain my minimal intake of soda or if possible, cut it out entirely. So join me and let us see the impact of these decisions, if any on my waist line.

Start date: 14/8/15. Check in date: 7/9/15

Day 1: My waist line is 35 inches this morning. No white bread today. 75 cl water intake 🙁 not good enough.

Day 2: Measured in at 34½ inches this morning. White bread. About 75 cl of water intake still! I can do better than this.

Day 3: Measured in at 35 inches this morning. Hmm. The bread of yesterday? Had bread again today. Am I a bread addict? Drank 150 cl of water.

Day 4: Measured in at 34 inches. White bread. As if that was not enough, I also had some snacks and soft drinks at a meeting I attended today. (Seriously?) Drank 100-105 cl of water.

Day 5: Measured in at 34 inches. Yep. Had bread. Jogged on the spot for about 2 minutes. Water intake was 180-185 cl.

Day 6: Measured in at 34 inches. Jogged on the spot for 3 minutes. Drank 180-185 cl of water, and yep, I had me some bread.

Day 7: 33½ inches. 150 cl water intake.

Day 8: 33½ inches. Jogged on the spot for 5 minutes. About 70 cl water intake. Out all day.

Day 9: 33 inches. 180 cl water intake.

Day 10: 33 inches. 80 cl water intake.

Day 11: 33½ inches.

Day 12: 33½ inches. Water intake 150 cl. 2 apples(red and green).

Day 13: 33½ inches. Water intake 225 cl. Jogged on the spot for 5 minutes. 1 apple(green). Home all day.

Day 14: 34 inches. Water intake 75 cl. 2 apples (green). Busy day.

Day 15: 33 inches. Water intake 80 cl. An inactive day.

Day 16: 34 inches. Water intake  80 cl.

Day 17: 33 inches. Water intake 150 cl.

Day 18: 33 inches. Water intake 150 cl. 1 red apple.

Day 19: 33 inches. Water intake less than 75 cl.

Day 20: 33inches. Water intake 75 cl.

Day 21: 33 inches. Water intake 80 cl.

Day 22: 33 inches. Water intake 150 cl.

Day 23, 24, 25: 33 inches.

So, the waist line shed 2 inches in 3 weeks. Happy with my progress. But I need to do more.

Since my waistline has plateaued at 33 inches, I decided to show my progress so far. Perhaps that will give me the push I need, in order to act on the decisions I have taken. So with 2 inches out of the way, my target measurement is 5 inches away. See you again when the waist sheds a few more inches. However, here I am at 33 inches and shhh … I sucked in my belly while Kemi took these snapshots 😉












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  1. Nice one, dear! A warm and homely feel this website gives. Keep it up!
    So…this weight loss merry-go-round? Story of my life.*whew!*

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