I take a look at me. What do I see? My shortcomings and insecurities, both real and imagined. I take a look at me, I see things that are not so pretty (and that’s putting it mildly). I see things that even I do not understand.

But now, there is a ‘knowing’ in me. When there is a ‘knowing’, there is a ‘knowing’. The fact that circumstances around me may contradict that ‘knowing’ does not make the ‘knowing’ unreal. And what is that ‘knowing’? God loves me. It is no longer a ‘head knowledge’. It is now a ‘knowing’ 🙂





I do not strive to make Him love me. He loves me already. God loves me, Jesus loves me. The beautiful thing about this ‘knowing’, is the realization that God sees me through ‘Jesus colored glasses’. That means He does not see me the way I see me. This knowledge has made me take my gaze away from me and place it on Jesus, and accept His unconditional love for me. He loves me so.





Now, I do not know your situation right now, but I ‘know’ this for sure. God loves you. He just loves you so. It does not matter what you have done. Accept Jesus as your saviour and come to God today. No need to make yourself ‘clean’ before you come to Him. He will do the cleansing. That is why He gave Jesus for you. So that He can see you through ‘Jesus colored glasses’. Do you know what that means? Think about it and let me know your thoughts on that.

In this love affair, you just need to know and accept the fact and the truth that He loves you . . . unconditionally.





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