A Nigerian woman’s traditional outfit is incomplete without the headgear. In the south-western part of the country , the headgear is referred to as “gele”. The Ibos in the Niger Delta area of the country call it “ichafo”. However, the most popular name for headgear in Nigeria appears to be “gele”. Gele is made, when a piece of square or rectangular semi stiff fabric is tied in any stylish shape and size. The complicated gele styles are usually done by gele technicians. The gele making fabric comes in different colors and textures. In whatever size and style the Nigerian woman decides to wear her gele, she should bear in mind the fact that she has to own it, make it work for her!


IMG_20150611_200147                       IMG_20150611_201237



IMG_20150611_195038                        IMG_20150611_203618



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In Edo state of Nigeria, instead of the gele, the women wear a head piece designed with coral beads.



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