Butt conscious? Without any apology, yes! My Maker made, knows and cares about every single strand of hair on my scalp, so why shouldn’t I be rightly concerned about my butt? The last time I lost weight, I observed that my butt lost its original quirky shape. This time around, I am not so sure. The shape still looks intact to me. Perhaps because this time it was a steady and gradual weight loss process.

However, I observed that the butt is not as toned as it used to be. So I went reading online. Thank God for google and the net. Learnt lots of stuff on the types of exercises to do to get a firm butt after weight loss. But I don’t want to do any of those exercises by myself. Why? Safety reasons of course. I will not embark on any one of those exercises except under the supervision of a fitness instructor. Now I really do need to make out the time for this and as soon as possible. Looking forward to those exercises and most importantly, to their effectiveness. Will definitely keep you posted!


IMG_20160508_185832      IMG_20160508_190302     IMG_20160508_185832



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