Back in 2019 when I was commuting between Ogun State and Lagos State, Mondays through Fridays, I had to leave the house most mornings while it was still dark.

On this particular day, one of such days I had to be in court (I am a legal practitioner) on Lagos Island, I had to leave the house at some minutes past 4 am in order to beat the early morning traffic on the Third Mainland Bridge. It was very dark on my street. There was a power outage and the long street didn’t have solar lights back then.

As I walked from my house to the bus stop, I didn’t meet anyone on the street. I didn’t want to draw any attention to myself by switching on my flashlight. So I walked carefully in the dark while praying in tongues under my breath for safety. It was as I got closer to the bus stop and started seeing vehicles moving on the road that I had the boldness to switch on my flashlight.

As soon as I did so, I started walking faster automatically. I marveled because it hadn’t occurred to me that I was not walking as fast as I usually did. I literally felt like the light gave wings to my steps! Immediately this scripture was illuminated in my heart: Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Ps. 119: 105.

It was at that point I understood that scripture! As soon as there was light in the darkness, I had speed of movement! In the same way, the entrance of the word of God brings light into our lives and situations. It also guides us in our paths thereby bringing about the needed speed either to resolve what needs to be resolved in our lives and or to move us to the next level or season of our lives.

As we go about our activities this new month, may we hear or receive the precise Word needed from God to bring us up to speed in a specific or all aspects of our lives.

Wishing you and I Godspeed and a glorious month!

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