No pretension whatsoever about being an artist. Lol. The only claim I can make to being an artist is just my love of colours. I love colours, bright and intense colours regardless of the fact that I wear black most of the time. I feel confident wearing black. But recently my soul, yes my soul had a craving for colours. When I found myself wearing colour red on a weekday to the office because I knew I would not be in court that day, (I am a legal practitioner) I knew it was time to do something about my soul’s craving for colours.

Where else can one go to but to an art gallery to satisfy the soul’s craving for colours? So I ended up here at Nike Art Gallery in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria to do just that. Was my soul’s craving for colours satisfied? To a large extent, yes. But I still feel like I need to be around more colours. Suffice it to say that the craving for colours is under control right now and I had fun while putting it in check . . . for now. Lol.

Thank you A. A. for making this outing fun!

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2 thoughts on “ART GIRL

  1. I love your attitude to life.
    Art heals. Kudos to A.A. for gifting you this fun time.
    I wish you all the best.

    Best regards

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