I went hiking last weekend and stumbled upon a bunch of palm fruits still on the tree. Boy, Was I excited! Fortunately, I knew the owner of the land and so with the owner’s permission sought and granted, the bunch of palm fruits was harvested and it went home with me to fulfill its destiny which was ‘to end in praise in an earthen pot of banga soup’. Lol.

First, the fruits had to be separated from the spiky bunch then boiled and processed manually with the use of a mortar, a pestle and my hands. 

I won’t bore you with the details of how to prepare banga soup (soup made from processed palm fruits is popularly known as banga soup in Nigeria) but let’s just say I have in this soup mix: stock fish, two different species of smoked fish, beef, bush meat, cow tail, ponmo, native spices, seasoning, etc.

A  hiking weekend that ended in a ‘source to mouth’ banga soup even though my thighs still ache from the hike? . . . It was a lovely weekend.  😉

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