Waist beads as a means of keeping tabs on the quantity of food I consume per time and thereby facilitating my weight loss goal. Exciting right? For a jewelry fan like me, yes!

Waist beads are beads worn on the waist. You know, that area between the top of your hip bone and the bottom of your rib cage. However, the beads can sit way above the waist on the empire waistline or on the hips. Depends on the choice of the wearer. There are different reasons why ladies wear waist beads and I am not about to go into all that. Lol. 

Waist beads are usually made with strings and beads. There is the elastic string and non elastic string. For the purpose of keeping tabs on your weight, you do not want to use an elastic string for obvious reasons.

Why am I talking about waist beads? In trying to shed some weight and maintain my weight loss goal by exercising, staying hydrated and eating healthy meals, it became obvious to me that portion control of meals is not my thing. Please don’t laugh. I love to eat, eat and feel filled. So I’m like if I must have something around my waist and keep it on in order for me to be mindful of the quantity of food I consume per time, then it has to be a piece of jewelry, beads jewelry in this case.

So I took out some beads and a string and made myself a string of waist beads. 

Apart from the main purpose of this string of beads, I observed that in the few hours I have worn the beads (made them today), I am mindful of my sitting posture. This is because though the smooth beads on the string are not tight on my waist, they fit snugly. Snug enough for me to feel them when I sit and so I find myself automatically sitting upright. Good side benefit of wearing waist beads right? For good posture. Lol.

But they are comfortable. Comfortable enough for me to lie down, exercise, do my housechores and eat. 

The strings are tied so it means I have the beads on permanently or until the string cuts or I cut it. I love the colours of these beads! The bead in the middle, the one bigger than the others sits directly on my belly button. Don’t think I will be cutting this string of beads anytime soon. Lol.

What measures do you employ to check your portion control of meals? 

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  1. Yes non elastic waist beads worn permanently can be used to check your weight and control diet. They are also used for fashion purpose. Thanks for creating awareness on this important benefit because some school of thought focus more on other benefits.

    • I love the fact that they are also used for fashion purposes. This string of beads around my waist enhances my sense of femininity. Lol. You’re welcome Arese and thanks a lot for your contribution.

  2. Interesting read. I never really understood the dynamics associated with waist beads and weight check. As a man, I cant wear waist beads or accessories; so I rely on my weight scale and seldom use my measuring tape to check my tummy burning progress.
    By the way… waist beads on a woman are my fetish..

    P.S … Please write a piece on proper dieting

    • Cool to know waist beads on a woman are your fetish. Lol.
      Okay my Presido, will work on a proper dieting piece. Thanks a lot for your feedback, much appreciated.

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