Lol. What’s manorgin? Mangoes, oranges and ginger. Didn’t want to squeeze them all into the title so manorgin it is. Got your attention right? 😉

So here we have mangoes, unripe oranges and a dash of ginger to spice up the taste of the juice. Yes its all juice, no water.

Yeah we all know that oranges are a good source of vitamin C, so are mangoes. Mangoes contain lots of vitamins including vitamins A, C and B6 as well as dietary fibre. Ginger has also got vitamins C, B6 and dietary fibre.

But why unripe oranges? The quantity of vitamin C contained in unripe oranges is said to be higher than that in ripe oranges. Higher vitamin C translates to higher collagen (protein in the skin) which aids the prevention of wrinkles in the skin. So if I am juicing for beauty benefits, then it naturally follows that I’ll go for unripe rather than ripe oranges.

This juicing process was done manually. How so? Extracted the juice from the unripe oranges by peeling, cutting, squeezing and sieving. For the mangoes, I applied a bit of pressure while rolling them between my palms to soften them. After that, I cut a little hole at the top through which I squeezed out the gooey mango juice into the orange juice. Grated a bit of ginger, put it in the juice, stirred and put the juice in the freezer because I wanted it chilled as quickly as possible. Brought it out about thirty minutes later and sieved out the ginger. I used six oranges and three mangoes. 

Taste? It had a rich taste which was balanced between sweet and tangy. The taste of ginger got lost in the mix except for a very faint pepperish sensation in my mouth. The sweet and tangy taste of this juice had a very mild bitter tinge to it which was refreshing to me. Would I go juicing with this combo again? Definitely!

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2 thoughts on “JUICING: MANORGIN

  1. You showed amazing ingenuity in finding ways to especially squeeze the juice out of the mangoes. I was wondering how you were able to achieve that. Now I have learnt that trick. I will try it.

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