. . . Dreams, gifts, talents, etc. This period of standstill as a result of the pandemic disease has forced one to pause and take stock of happenings in one’s life.

Some people are already on their way to where they want to be, their destination. Some know their destination but are floundering on their way to it. Some know there is a destination, however, they do not know where or what that destination is and so are yet to start the journey because they do not know how to. While some are just content with what they’ve got and where they are and are blissfully unaware of the concept of a journey, how much more a destination.

For those already on their way, great job, keep going! For those who are floundering on their way, please seek guidance even at this time and move with purpose. Same for those who know there is a destination but do not know where or what that destination is and how to get to it. For those content with what they’ve got and where they are, I do not know what to tell you because I am not a life coach . . .

Life is a journey. However, apart from other causes of death to humans, this pandemic disease has caused a lot of people to end their journey through death. A lot of those gone will be mourned and forgotten, except those who live on in the memories of those who really loved them. A few others will not be forgotten. This is because they understood the fact that they were on a journey and lived their lives accordingly with purpose, making meaningful contributions to mankind here and there. 

I am not in a hurry to exit this place. I am just getting started on that which I am to accomplish here. . .

The images on this post ( hand made jewelry made by me from two to five years ago ) crystalized the thought line of this post in my mind, ‘The Forgotten…’

This brings me to the crux of the matter. When your time here is up, do you want to be ‘The Forgotten…’ or do you want posterity to remember you for something? If you want to be remembered for something, what would it be for? Are you already on your way to achieving that which you want to be remembered for? If no is the answer, it is never too late to start. God has given us the grace to know, and or be led to what our purpose is here. Everyone is on a journey. If you do not know, please ask. Ask your Maker and seek guidance. 

If you do not have a relationship with your Maker, than say this prayer “Lord Jesus, I believe you love me and came to die for my sins. You took my place at the cross. Thank you because my sins are forgiven. I accept you as my Lord and personal Saviour.”

Get your Bible and dig in. I guess you already go to church? If not ask Him to lead you to the right place of worship for you, online for now. 

Please remember what this is about. It is about finding out and fulfilling your purpose here on earth. Don’t get lost in church!

May we all leave something positive and meaningful to be remembered for by posterity when it’s time to depart. Amen.


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