Retro for the hairstyle, rustic for the rough looking cargo containers that form the background of the pictures of this post. Something about the abandoned state of the cargo containers got to me and I decided to have this photoshoot with them. You know, like when certain objects “speak” to you? Lol.

Can’t put a finger yet on that something but will be sure to let you know when I do, in the comment section.

C’est moi, offsetting the rustic look of the cargo containers in my retro hairstyle, African print peplum top, black lycra pants, black ankle peep-toe heels, big tote handbag to go with the colour combo of my African print peplum top and of course my jewelry.

I look retro rustic wouldn’t you say or what do you think?

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2 thoughts on “RETRO RUSTIC

  1. I would say the heels and peplum top gave the retro effect also…
    Your choice of colour blended well with the rustic environment bringing the photo to life. Anything bright and colourful wouldnt have done justice (i might be wrong)

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