It was that time of the year when you go through your stuff in a bid to declutter your space. So I did.
A bonfire was the next thing to do after clearing out the clutter.
Started the fire and sat back to enjoy the blues of this bonfire. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I literarily began to see blues in this fire. I saw indigo, turquoise and blue flames in the fire. Such a beautiful sight amidst the amber, white, yellow and orange colours of your regular bonfire!
I was so unprepared for the blues that I didn’t start capturing on time. So what you get to see in the images are little tongues or flames of blue and turquoise fire.
Though I like the sight of bonfire flames, I am not a pyromaniac. I couldn’t start another fire just for the sake of capturing the blues.

Of course the blues in this bonfire got me thinking . . . thinking that there is beauty to behold and experience when you go through the pains of decluterring not just your space, but your life as an individual. Simply take away the clutter (poor habits, associations, things, etc.) by doing away with what no longer works for, slows or weighs you down, in the bid to becoming a better you.

Feel the need to declutter? If yes, I wish you a happy bonfire!

Enjoy the bonfire blues. 🙂

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