Skin meal? Yes. Green veggies and fish help your skin glow so why not title the post skin meal? 😀
This is a very simple and easy meal to prepare with the purpose of eating to your satisfaction (for those of us who love to eat) without the fear of adding weight but with the benefit of glowing skin.
Here, we have fish (put away the red meat please) green vegetables, fresh red pepper, onions, ground crayfish.
How to:
Put a little bit of oil (palm or vegetable oil, I prefer the taste of palm oil) in the dry pan already heated by your cooker. Leave for a bit, add your onions and then the ground crayfish. Sauté the onions and add your green veggies and fresh pepper. Stir. Allow the veggies to get a little bit tender then add your parboiled fish. Add salt and the seasoning of your choice. Continue to stir so it doesn’t get burnt. Add the fish stock and allow to simmer for a little while and then you are good to go. The quantity of fish stock you add depends on how thick or light you want your fish vegetable sauce to turn out. I like it thick so I add little when I parboil the fish. The grilled fish used here does not require parboiling. It wasn’t parboiled and so no fish stock was added to this sauce. I like it almost dry.
You can spice yours up with tomatoes, other green vegetables, prawns, chicken, etc. Just leave red meat out of it.

Can be eaten as it is, with rice, boiled plantain, etc.

I paired my dry vegetable fish sauce with rice. What would you pair yours with and how would you prepare yours? Care to share?

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