Tortilla is a colour I have always shied away from naturally. Subconsciously, I have always been of the mindset that it was wrong for my skin tone. How wrong I was! Saw this jacket in tortilla and something about it got to me. I obviously couldn’t resist its pull.

Since I am so comfortable with the colour black, I naturally went for a black camisole, black pants, black shoes and a black bag to complement the tortilla jacket. Loving this black and tortilla colour combo, especially the way this shade of tortilla complements my skin tone.

What colour(s) would you rock your tortilla item of clothing or accessories with? Love to hear from you in the comment section.







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2 thoughts on “BLACK TORTILLA

  1. Coffee brown would do the magic too and it goes with my skin. If you want to do flashy you can use a bright color like red

    • And your skin is beautiful Reese. Red? Wow! It never would have crossed my mind to do a colour combo with red and tortilla but I just tried it out right now. It has a classy wow effect! I guess the shades of the colours used in a combo also matter. Looking forward to rocking a red and tortilla colour combo. Thanks a lot for sharing Reese!

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