Hi. I came across the image of this black and gold sequins dress online and decided it will be fun to play dress up with you. Would you like to play?


Ok. So, if you had to wear this dress for an event, what colour of accessories would you wear it with? Decided on a colour? Black, red or gold? I think perhaps gold accessories would be taking the metallic element too far or what do you think? Let’s start with red accessories. Which pair of red shoes would you pick? This


or this?



I can’t make up on my mind on either. But I think the choice of clutch will be determined by the event. I like this classy clutch.

I also like this triangle shape day clutch.


Which clutch would you pick?


Black accessories. I like this

and this

and this.

This black clutch bag will go with any of the black shoes or what do you think?



What about this gold clutch,Β too much bling?

What kind of hairstyle would suit this black and gold sequins dress best? I am thinking a grecian updo. What hairstyle would you rock this dress with?

Thank you for playing with me! Hope you had fun like I did? If you really liked any of the items above just click on the links to shop them.


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