I saw this flower when I was here and couldn’t resist the urge to press the shutter button of my camera. The surprise of the single beautiful flower in the not so beautiful flower pot caught my attention.

Obviously I couldn’t get the impression the image had on me, off my mind. Why? Three reasons. The bloom, the gloom and thirdly, the bloom that consumes the gloom thereby outblooming the gloom. Not making sense yet am I? Let’s get to it then.

The bloom: First there is the preparatory stage. This is a process or series of processes (formal, informal or semiformal processes) with the purpose to project or display an innate quality or talent of an individual in its perfect state of glory. When the preparatory stage is complete, then comes the bloom. What is this bloom? It is like an announcement of sorts which says of an individual, “Hey world! I’m here!” The bloom definitely attracts. This is because it gives value to those it attracts. It lasts . . . for a while.

Herein lies the purpose of this post.

The gloom: During the bloom, there is the tendency to think that the bloom is perpetual. A lot of people make this mistake and as a result they fail to build structures or put in place systems that will see to it that the bloom blooms perpetually. When this failure to put structures in place occurs, then inevitably, there will be a gloom. The gloom after one has experienced a gloom is certainly not a pleasant experience. Ask those who have been there.

I believe I have communicated but if you do not agree with me, look around you and you will see people whose talents, professional inputs, visions and what have you, came to an end either because of old age, ill health or death. On the other hand, you will also read or hear about those who are long gone but their talents, professional inputs, visions, etc., still thrive.

So, I hope that as you prepare to bloom or are already blooming, that you put structures and systems in place that will outbloom the gloom for the sake of posterity. Don’t bloom to gloom, bloom to bloom.

Stay bloomed!

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