Lol. What does that mean? Talking about the title of the post. I guess I have an idea of what it means like I did when I wrote this post but I refuse to go deep with you on this one. Want to keep your attention on the heels.

Have you noticed how a good pair of shoes can enhance an outfit by taking it from B to C? ( Blaa to Chic ).

The kind of shoes you wear say a lot about your personality. In other words, your feet speak. What could they possibly be saying about you? Here are a few of the things they say:

I am stylish.

I am chic.

I am edgy.

I am shabby.

I am clueless.

I go places.

I guess when your shoes say exactly what you want them to say about you, then your heels become a meeting point of soul and soles. What would you like your feet to say about you?

And which one of these shoes would you pick to do the speaking? 😉


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