This is a post about the essential items a lady who is style conscious should have in her wardrobe, in my opinion.

Initially, I thought I had to do this with one single post featuring all the essential items at once and my mind naturally shied away from the challenge 🙂 .

So what changed? Well, I thought to myself, why not have fun while I’m at it and do it one essential item per post? In other words, you’ll keep seeing the post “ESSENTIALS :  . . . ”  ( both alternatively and consecutively) on this blog until I am through with the items on my list 🙂 . I hope you will enjoy the posts as much as I know I will enjoy making them.

In no particular order, I decided to start with the wrap dress.

A wrap dress is a dress that is wrapped around the body, one side across the other usually forming a v-shaped neckline. The wrap dress is fastened to the body either by making knots or bows from the ties attached to the dress at the waist, with the knot or bow resting at the side or back of the dress, or fastened by button(s), etc. Wrap dresses come in long sleeves, three quarter sleeves, sleeveless or spaghetti straps, usually. Most often than not, they end either just above the knees, on the knees or just below the knees.

The wrap dress has been known to be on the fashion scene for as early as the 1930s.  However, one cannot mention the wrap dress these days without the name Diane von Fürstenberg coming to mind.

Why is this dress on my list of wardrobe essentials? It is a dress that flatters every female form regardless of the shape of your body. It just makes you look better somehow, enhancing your femininity. An essential wardrobe item I have to say, for the style conscious feminine girl.

My wrap dress is fastened at the side with a metallic clip attached to the dress and it’s neck line, though v-shaped does not appear so. That is because I am wearing a mini body hugging tube camisole under my wrap dress, to cover my cleavage.

How do I look? 😉









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