April is here (like I need to announce it to you ๐Ÿ™‚ ) ushering in the second quarter of the year. Where are you? For those of us who set goals for 2018, what have we done so far with those goals?

As you can see here, I had no intention of setting goals for 2018 because I already knew I was on the right path. But I started reading a book at the beginning of the year which made me change my mind and so I set my goals for 2018.

So I would say as we celebrate the resurrection from death of our Lord Jesus Christ, it is a time to reflect on our goals, make adjustments ( for those of us who do not adjust our goals daily or weekly) and open up our minds to the impact of the resurrection power of Jesus Christ upon our goals. Or what do you say?

Happy Easter and Happy New Month!

Especially to my shutter-button-happy daughter who gave the feature image of this post a tilted edge. Love your photography skills girl!












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