Yes I am. True, unconditional, unending, one of a kind, beautiful love. I stand to be corrected but I guess this is true for every woman.

There is a place in my heart, if not my whole heart, that is made for this love and can only be satisfied by this love.

No other love: eros, philia, storge, ludus, mania, pragma or philautia love can take the place of this love and it is not for want of trying, intentionally or otherwise.

This is a love that can only be wholeheartedly expressed without fetters. A love that cannot be misconstrued. A love without motive. An all consuming, intense, abounding love that a maiden can only feel for her Master, her Maker, her Jesus.

Today, I understand this more than ever before. It is liberating and I am so grateful to have this “knowing” . . . that I am made for love.




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