Red. My usual answer to the question, “What is your favourite colour?” But when I take a look at my wardrobe, my wardrobe says black. I just find that I am more comfortable wearing the colour black and that is why my first colour of choice of any clothing item is black.Β  I have to make a conscious effort to go for other colours. Black addiction it definitely is. Does this addiction have a cure?

I love bright colours. So I am going to make a consistent conscious effort to go for brighter colours that suit my complexion when shopping for clothes. But until then, here I am in this all black outfit, gold accessories, red lips and red toes.

There was something . . . (can’t find the right word for it right now), about this photoshoot. It was full of . . . ermm . . . πŸ™‚ will get back to you on that . . . And it was all because of you behind the camera and so I say, thank you for manning my camera. πŸ˜‰



















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