Pain . . . highly unpleasant physical sensation caused by illness or injury. Mental suffering or distress. Great care or trouble. . . Google.
Everyone goes through one form of pain or another. This post is about emotional pain though. Emotional pain can be caused  by circumstances, other people or even you. The pain could be intense or mild.

No matter how painful the emotional pain is, there is always a lesson to learn from it. The lesson is not necessarily about how wicked humans can be or how unfair life is😜. Sorry to burst your bubble 😀. If you are sincere to yourself, you will discover through your emotional pain that there are things or issues that you need to work on to make you a better version of yourself.

Sometimes, your emotional pain could create room for suicidal thoughts. I have been there. But you know what? Suicide is not an option. Things are not as dark as they appear to be in your moments of intense emotional pain. Don’t put yourself under pressure and stop caring about people’s opinion about you and your life. Nobody can do you better than you. So chin up, strengthen your relationship with your Maker and work/walk through that pain. Remember that other people have gone through worse things than you are currently going through. Take your focus away from that pain for a moment and look around you. What do you see?

By the time your emotional pain is gone, you’ll find that you are a stronger and better version of yourself, ready to take on the next phase of your life.

Please remember that you can seek out people to talk you through that emotional pain, professionals or friends and family.

I recently went through my phone gallery and came across the pictures used in this post. Actually forgot about them. But when I saw them I remembered that they were taken during one of my episodes of emotional pain and there I was, smiling through my emotional pain as if I knew nothing about tears. 😀

Pain is beautiful when you go through it and learn the lessons in it for you. Please don’t go through that pain without your lessons or you may have to go through it again at a more intense level. No matter how intense the pain may be, suicide is not an option!

Pain is beautiful! But hey! What do I know?



My photoshoot partner and I

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