Life has many shades of colors. Every phase of life has got a definite shade. Bright and colorful, dark and gloomy, dull and bland shades. Just recently, I experienced the dark and gloomy shade. I mourned the loss of a beautiful soul.

In black monochrome, here I am dedicating this post to the heroines in our lives. The women: great grandmother, grandmother, mother, aunty, daughter, niece, sister and friend, who have gone overboard in one way or another just to give our lives a meaning through the help of God. They are women of wisdom, integrity, honor, strength and beauty. They are the bold and daring women who defy the odds to achieve their goals in life from which we have benefited immensely. We are blessed indeed to have had and still have these women in our lives.

This is especially for you, beautiful Lydia. A godly woman indeed. You were a woman of strength, honor, wisdom, integrity, a bold and fearless woman, a woman who stood for what was just and right, a very generous woman, a great woman!

Rest in peace beautiful Lydia Ade.





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6 thoughts on “MONOCHROME LIFE

  1. we all experience this sense of loss once in a while.
    We can only mourn the dead while we live. The day
    we mourn the dead we mourn ourselves in preparation
    for our demise.
    Death as always knocks the air out of us. However, we
    must all think of our end because we will all account to
    a supreme being.
    I condole with you for your loss. Be strong always

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