Red grapes are packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants either protect the cells in the body from damage caused by free radicals, or delay such damage. Antioxidants reduce the signs of aging on the skin. Antioxidants also help the general appearance of the skin. By that I mean a youthful and radiant skin. 😉

I stumbled upon this fact (radiant skin) on one of my road trips earlier this year. Didn’t want to eat snacks or cooked food on the way so I got me a bunch of red grapes to munch on while I was on the road. The difference in the appearance of my skin was so obvious. I actually thought my change of environment was the cause of it. 🙂 I realized it was not so on the next trip. Yeah, no red grapes.

The amazing thing is that I noticed the difference the next day! Like an instant miracle drug for radiant skin! Guess what? I know what’s on your mind 🙂 Before you do what I know you are about to do, I think you should consult your doctor especially if you are diabetic, have a history of diabetes in your family, and or have issues with your blood sugar.

Hey ‘Echi (Dr Chris Amaechi Ukah), thank you! 😉


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  1. I can truly identify with this.
    Red grapes are one of my favourite fruits and I think I’ve got the skin to show for it 🙂

  2. The challenge with red grapes in this part of the world is that it does not come cheap and not readily available.

    Nice piece Chetti.


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