Exhilarating fun really at the Lekki Conservation Centre, Lagos, Nigeria, up the longest canopy walkway in Africa! What was I doing there? Let’s gist!

Towards the end of 2015, when I wrote down my plans for 2016, time for outings other than work, church and family related activities was clearly penciled in. Yet here I was, in the middle of the year, July to boot, with no single step taken towards facilitating the outings. It was time to do something and obviously something was done. Thank you for making this happen . . . you know who you are 😉

So for this outing, I ended up at the Lekki Conservation Centre, established by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation for the purpose of  protecting and preserving the wildlife and the mangrove forest. Hmm . . . I guess some of the things the tour guard said actually stuck to my playful brain 🙂

I saw a few of the wildlife like the mona monkeys and the peacocks. Didn’t get to see the crocodiles or snakes. But the fun factor for me was climbing the canopy walkway. What an experience! I was scared silly at first because it was a very shaky climb. However, I got used to the shaky climb by the time we made it to the highest point of the walkway which is 22.5 feet above the forest ground level, tree top level! Don’t imagine the view if you have not been there before, enjoy it with me. If you have been there, relive the moments with me 😉  . . .


NCF Lekki 191   


NCF Lekki 070


NCF Lekki 118 


 NCF Lekki 109


NCF Lekki 153


NCF Lekki 195


NCF Lekki 098


NCF Lekki 039


NCF Lekki 033


NCF Lekki 304



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