This post is basically about tips that I personally have found useful in shedding my belly fat. When it comes to drinking cleansers and stuff like that in order to lose weight, I am lily-livered. So this is me doing it my way. Obviously, I was not serious here. But I got serious when I experienced a few things here. My waistline measurement has moved from 35 to 31 inches. Currently fluctuates between 31 and 30 inches. Want to shed some inches off your waistline? Lets get right into the tips.

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Tip One: Do you still eat white bread? If yes and you really want to shed those inches then cut it out of your diet. Completely. You will notice a substantial difference within one month. I did. If you have to cut out white bread then it follows that you also have to cut out some other things made with white flour from your diet like doughnuts, pies, cakes, etc. Cut out pastries generally.

If you are someone who is used to eating white bread on a daily basis like I used to do, (white bread addict, lol) then you have to find a substitute for it or you may find it very difficult to stop. My substitute was cornflakes but a better substitute is oats. Another thing you need to cut down on or eliminate from your diet that will give you a slimmer waistline is “swallow” 😉 Talking about eba, pounded yam, fufu, etc. But if you must swallow, then make sure you lead an active life.

Tip Two: Use honey as sweetener. Stop using white sugar.

Tip Three: Drink water and natural fruit juices preferably the ones made by you. Cut out carbonated drinks. This may be a challenge sometimes. Especially when you are in a social gathering where everyone is having one sort of cold drink or another. Just drink water.

Tip Four: Grapefruits for breakfast. But please be sure that you are not allergic to them. Secondly, they are known to make prescription drugs more potent. So in order to avoid adverse reactions if you are on prescription drugs, your doctor needs to tell you whether or not you can take grapefruits along with your drugs.

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Tip Five: Some exercise. I have found that jogging on the spot, doing squats, etc for some minutes in my room helps. I have not been able to exercise for up to 30 minutes yet. Lol.

Don’t want to overwhelm you with tips. But an additional tip that may be useful even though that is not the purpose for the exercise, is fasting and praying. Fasting for me facilitates the communication lines between me and my Maker. And since I need to hear, I have to fast and pray.

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7 thoughts on “FLAT BELLY THINGS: 5 TIPS

  1. 1. Eating unripe pawpaw (crunchy: carrot-like) first thing in the morning. Preferable before 7am.
    2. Taking diner on or before 6pm. If you must eat afterwards, munch on fruits and veggies.
    3. Oatmeals…
    4. At least one glass of water before every meal.
    5. Practise natural tummy tuck by firming up your tummy when you walk, sit or stand.

  2. Lol@ those days at fgcw..tummy tuck and a nice catwalk to go with it..lol
    A glass of wam water and lemon first thing in the morning helps.
    Drinking a lot of water throughout the day also helps

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