The end of 2017 is near. In fact it feels like I am in 2018 already because I can’t wait for the year 2018 to start. Now this for me is out of character. Interestingly, 2017 is a year that I made no plans for. Did I plan to just drift the year away? No. It was a year in which I didn’t even know my bearings so to speak.

I knew where I was coming from. I knew where I didn’t want to go. Generally speaking, I just had a vague idea about where I wanted to go. But I was completely clueless as to where I was headed to in terms of specific goals and plans.

As a result, it appeared to be a year spent groping in the dark. I use the word “appeared” because though it seemed that way, it has turned out to be that my darkness was indeed light.

So here I am, instead of ending the year on a note of despair, restlessly longing for more ( even though I didn’t know what that “more” was) out of life, subconsciously trying to figure out or put my finger on what was missing in my life, I am actually ending the year with genuine gratitude in my heart to my Maker. Not being grateful just because I ought to be. But grateful because as I put my trust in Him, I see manifestations of me conquering my world to the glory of His name.

I am definitely keeping my gaze fixed on Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith as I hand over  the year 2018 to Him. So excited because I  can’t wait to see what He will make out of it!

Thank you Jesus for turning my seeming darkness into light. I can’t stop basking in your love for me. XOXO!




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