Gele or headgear apart from completing some Nigerian traditional female outfits, can be used to depict your mood. What am I saying? A look at the style and size of the headgear on a lady’s head tells the beholder (wrongly or rightly) the kind of mood the gele (headgear) wearer is in. Flamboyant, demure, happy, reserved, womanly and yes, a girly mood.

So what kind or style of headgear depicts the fact that the wearer, woman or girl is feeling girly? Simple! The gele (headgear) is small in size, interesting with just a little bit of ‘complications’, attractive and stylish. You can’t help but take a second look at it.


IMG_20160119_164209                                  IMG_20160119_164151




IMG_20160126_212850                                  IMG_20160113_223935



IMG_20160114_083800                                    2016-01-14-08-18-47-815


The last one is not a girly gele or is it? What would you call it? 🙂

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