My Ankara, my ‘oche eze’!


Where did the designs of the African Print Fabric (Ankara) originate from, Africa or Europe? It is argued that the origin is from Europe e.g. the Dutch Wax etc. But what then can one say about the men and women skilled in weaving these fabrics (like the Akwete fabric from the Igbos, the Kente fabric from Ghana, the Barkcloth from Uganda, the Mud cloth from Mali, the Kitenge fabric from Kenya etc.)  who were taken as slaves from Africa to work for European masters that were enriched through the skills of their slaves during the slave trade? Did they not make any input in the designs of these fabrics which were later brought back to Africa after production? Obviously, I can’t answer the question.



My Ankara, my jumping horse!


However, whether or not there are facts to prove that the Ankara fabric is not of African origin, the African woman in me affirms that the Ankara fabric originated from Africa 😉 . It is so colorful in its reflection of the African heritage. It is so versatile as regards the use to which it can be put to. From the making of beautiful dresses, fashion accessories like jewelry, shoes, bags, etc, to the making of decorative pieces for the home like throw pillows, flower vases, blinds, etc.

What more can I say? All I am saying is that my Ankara is my best fabric forever (BFF) and I choose  to rock it!




My Ankara, my peplum, my pants! 



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