Or did he? Well to a technology novice like me, that was what it looked like. I am talking about one of the attention grabbing sights at the Techplus conference and expo held in Lagos at the Eko Hotel and Suites on the 24th and 25th of July, 2015.


IMG_20150727_163951                                            IMG_20150727_163912


It was technology talk and the benefits thereof all the way, from speakers like Michael Ikpoki/ Managing Director MTN Nigeria (who gave the opening speech), Wael Fakharany/ Regional Business Lead Google [X] Middle East and Africa, Jim Mckelvey/ Co-Founder at Square, Nicholas Martin/ CEO and Managing Director at Jumia Nigeria, Abiola Olaniran/ Founder and CEO Gamsole, Omokehinde Ojomuyide/ Vice President and Area Business Head for West Africa, Mastercard, etc.


IMG_20150727_164024                                           IMG_20150727_163348


An exposition of latest trends in technology and tech gadgets, there were lots of amazing things to see. However, take a good look at this guy. What is he sitting on? He was called the levitating man. But was he actually levitating? Nah! It turned out that he had mechanical support by way of a strong iron inserted into one of the legs of his pants, which bore his weight. Amazing right? Yeah.


IMG_20150724_101408                                                                 IMG_20150724_101227


My take? Technology or no technology, we should always take a closer look before we jump to conclusions about circumstances or situations we do not have a proper grasp of. “Shine your eyes!” 🙂

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