As a child, I had a clear cut view on matters. Nothing in between. It was either something was on the right or on the left hand side. It was either black or white, no shades in between.

But now it is a different story. Yes, there are still certain matters or things where there can be no gray areas . It has to be either black or white. For instance, one can either be integrous or lack integrity completely.

However, in other matters (what other matters you may ask and my answer to that is you’ll know when you experience one of those situations, that is if you have not experienced one already 😉 ) things are not always so clear cut. There are always meeting points. Its no longer a black or white scenario because there are shades of gray in between. Confused? 🙂 I better end this post at this point.

Nevertheless, I hope you got something out of this post. What? The point of the post! Which is? Have an open mind in order to be able to appreciate gray areas in certain situations where they exist. That way, you will be taking a lot of things into consideration before you make a decision or come to any conclusion concerning certain vital matters.  😉



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2 thoughts on “BLACK OR WHITE?

  1. Barrister Cheta, yes indeed there are gray areas in life but the Word of God helps give clarity and direction in such cases.
    And secondly, having an open mind helps one to be less judgemental.
    Nice job…

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