You know that situation where you can not make up your mind on what to wear on a Sunday morning? You have options. But somehow, they don’t seem right for one reason or the other. And then finally when it is almost too late (you don’t want to miss the Sunday morning leadership session neither do you want to miss the praise and worship session) you just pick whatever feels convenient and hope that you look passably attractive even though you feel like you are just stepping out for a walk on a cool day? Well, this was one such Sunday for me. However, at the last minute, my sleeveless dress in black, white and red print plus my black high street blazer came in handy. So what do you think? Did I pull off a “well put together” look or should I have put in more efforts? Vain much? Your opinion, not mine 🙂




IMG_20150701_001457                                                 IMG_20150701_010004





IMG_20150701_001819                                                                 IMG_20150621_123550


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