There is nothing wrong with reminiscing about your wedding day right? And if you had everything go according to your plans then hi-five girl! However, this post is dedicated to first, those of us who did not have things go as planned. So in this case, even though we cannot have a ‘do-over’ of the whole event, we can at least have a ‘do-over’ of the makeup and dress aspect of that day, with or without the groom 😉

The second set of people this post is dedicated to is to those of us hoping to have our wedding day. To us I say, there is nothing wrong with experimenting with different kinds of looks and keeping photographic records in order to know which look suits you best. So when that day comes, you know the kind of look you want to go for.

Finally, this post is dedicated to those of who us who had everything go as planned. However, if you are wishing for one reason or the other that your makeup choice for that day was different, then there is nothing wrong with creating the look you prefer now and having a photo shoot just for the fun of it!

Whichever set you find yourself in, I say to you, be happy, life can only get better. Make the best of what you have. It all depends on your point of view.








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