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Okay. Obviously, I am still trying to figure out this fitness thing. Being fit, in my mind simply means eating and drinking what is right for your body, working out regularly and maintaining a healthy life style.


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A few days ago, I was so busy I did not have time to prepare lunch. I had to settle for a baguette (french bread) sandwich. So there I was wondering how healthy it was. Although the baguette is not salty, the salt content is higher than that in regular bread. Cause for concern for me. This is because too much salt in the body system causes the kidney to retain the water it is supposed expel. When this happens, the body is bloated and this state can lead to high blood pressure, etc. So I pacify myself by telling me that the baguette sandwich is not a regular feature in my diet. Furthermore, it contained tomatoes (antioxidant), lettuce (vitamins, fiber) and mashed chicken (protein) all good for the body.


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Started feeling good until it suddenly dawned on me that the sandwich also contained mayonnaise (high in fat!) Aghh! The fact that I had a small bowl of fruits to eat after eating my sandwich did not make me feel good because of the mayonnaise (was already mentally adding a number of jumps to my skipping rope routine). Should have stopped eating right? But I was starving! What’s a girl to do? Or should I have had the ham and cheese baguette sandwich? 🙁


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