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A lot has been said about the black dress usually referred to as LBD (little black dress). An LBD is chic, smart and personally, I think it brings out that formal but feminine look in every woman. Yes, every woman. The tricky part is finding that one LBD that totally flatters your body.

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Most times the style experts tell you to go for a black dress that is not trendy. I agree with this because it means that the dress will have a longer stay in your wardrobe. However, if you find that a particular trend flatters the shape of your body more than that one that is not trendy, for example a peplum black dress, then I say go for it and own it by matching it with the right accessories.

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That particular trend that makes that LBD flattering to your body may tend to date the dress but if you totally own it, that is make the trend work for your body, you will stand out for the right reasons. It is better to stand out in a crowd for wearing what flatters your body than to blend in with the crowd just because you want to play it safe. Or what do you think?

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I like the confidence I get from wearing what flatters my body as opposed to wearing something that looks bland on me because I want to blend in. Just saying.

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