There is always a trend (movement) of things from one direction to another. The focus of this post is the current trend of wedding rings. Why do married people wear rings? Wedding rings are worn as indicators of one’s marital status. My little research brought  me to the conclusion that it is a thing of etiquette to wear wedding rings. In other words, they are worn for the purpose of indicating the availability ( or should I say the unavailability) of the wearer. The second conclusion is that the rings are a token of ownership. By that, I mean that a lady who wears wedding rings belongs to a man (usually) and vice versa.

It surprised me to discover that the culture of wearing wedding rings did not originate from the bible. But perhaps I did not do an in-depth research (correct me if I am wrong). I also learnt that the Jews during the jewish wedding ceremony, place the wedding band on the index finger of the bride. She has the choice of moving it to the ring finger after the ceremony or leaving it on the index finger. Another interesting thing I learnt is that in European countries, especially in Eastern Europe, the engagement and wedding rings are worn on the ring finger on the right hand.

When it comes to wedding rings, the trend appears to be the wedding band and an engagement ring which is designed like a band but with inset diamonds or crystals. I decided to write about this because I observed something. Most ladies have switched their engagement rings (the type with the stone mounted on top of the band) for those ones designed like a band with inset stones. Secondly, some ladies now wear just the wedding bands. And when I ask those I can talk to “what happened to your engagement ring?”, the response I usually get is “its not in vogue”.

I just think that it is wrong for you to wear just the wedding band when you have an engagement ring just so that other people don’t peg you with the term “old school”. However, if you wear it that way because that is the way you want to, I say great! Wear your rings the way you want to only because it tickles your fancy that way and not because of what people may say or think.

The days of “biko God, nyem my own” still make me appreciate my engagement ring. However, since I like variety, you will see the following on my finger(s) on different days. It depends on my outfit and my mood for the day.
















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