It truly is. Challenges abound no doubt but hold on, what do you see? Do you see you going under because of your challenges or do you see you overcoming those challenges and coming out as a better and an upgraded version of you? It is a matter of perspective and what you choose to see is what you get. It really is as simple as that. Don’t complicate it. If you can’t see what you want, you will never get it.

And talking about seeing, I actually wouldn’t have seen myself in this white shirt, pair of black pants and tan peep toe heels combo. That’s because I like to rock my pants with pumps.

However, one shopping mistake led to another and I ended up with this white shirt that is a little bit too tight at the bust. I may be wrong but I felt like a pair of pumps would make the ensemble look uptight on me so why not some peep toes?

So here I am rocking the white shirt and owning it with a pair of black pants, suede peep toe tan high block heels and a faux leather tan bag .

Usually, I end such posts by asking for your opinion on what you think about my outfit but I won’t today. I feel cheeky enough to tell you that I know I look good and I am loving what I see!

I hope you love yourself too. Stay beautiful because life is beautiful!

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