Right? It’s exciting to go places, see people, experience different cultures, etc. It’s also refreshing to be able to do some of these without having to pack a single luggage and that’s because your are touring your city, one place at a time and at your own pace! And why should you do that?

1. You get to know and experience your city, as in really feel its pulse.

2. It is inexpensive, lol. You wouldn’t be spending money on flights, hotels, etc.  😉

3. It is basically stress free. No need to stress yourself packing for a trip.

4. You save travel time and still get the benefits of new sights when you visit places you haven’t visited before.

5. You have the opportunity to meet people you wouldn’t have met ordinarily.

6. You feel refreshed just because you did something different from your regular routine and had a bit of fun while at it.

7. And if you have your camera, you get to post pictures of your time out on social media thereby promoting local tourism deliberately or indeliberately. 😉 Don’t have a good camera? Click here and here and here to get one. Have fun!
















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