Having clean, filed finger nails without nail polish is always better than going about with chipped nail polish on your finger nails, anytime.




But isn’t it amazing how the fingernails can go from bland to sophisticated or well groomed with just a few coats of nail polish that suits your skin tone? It never fails to give that extra “something” that makes you feel good each time you take a look at your nails. Seriously.




Sometimes, a coat of sparkly nail polish or whatever it is called (as seen below) is not out of place. Just make sure your hands don’t look dry by moisturizing after washing your hands, your nails are filed to the shape that suits your fingers best, and that the nail polish of your choice suits your skin tone.




Remember to apply the base coat first, the nail polish second, (then the optional sparkly polish) and finish with the top coat.

Now, you have nailed it! Wave your hands in the air somebody 🙂


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