Nah. Not eye candy. Except when you see it from the perspective of your face looking more appealing as a result of the benefit of this post to you, then eye candy it is. :)

Let’s gist. So, I started using an anti ageing night cream for my face a few months ago. Beginning to see a little difference. I should be able to see a significant difference when the jar is empty. Shouldn’t I?

Well it got me thinking: creams for butts and thighs (cellulite), feet, hands, eye areas and hair lines. These parts of the body easily indicate advancement in age for a lot of ladies.

The focus of this post however is the eye area and this raises the questions why, when and how to use an eye cream.

Eye creams help combat the appearance of wrinkles (crow’s feet) around the eyes, puffy eyes as well as dark circles that your regular face moisturizers won’t tackle effectively. In other words, there are different eye creams for different eye area challenges.

As for when to use an eye cream, some people subscribe to the prevention is better than cure mindset and start as early as when they are in their twenties. Others prefer to start in their thirties be it early, mid or late thirties. I am of this mindset. ;)

How to apply? The skin covering the eye area is tender. So you really do not want to rub in the eye cream or stretch the skin there. Instead you dab the eye cream under the eye area and around the orbital bone until the skin absorbs it, using your ring finger because it is the weakest and least calloused finger on your hand.

Eye creams come in light, medium and heavy coverages. There are eye creams for day as well as for night. To know the eye cream that is most suitable for your skin type as well as your lifestyle, please click here.

An eye cream is a necessity for that lady who wants to age gracefully.

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