So, I asked for comments in this post. Got lots of “comments” outside the comment section :) . Nevertheless, I will respond to those comments here because it is what you want to see here. Hence, this post on the uses of coconut chaff. I decided to start with it because surprisingly, it generated a lot of buzz more than the other subjects of interest on this blog. The other subjects of interest will be addressed in subsequent posts.

Coconut pulp or chaff is simply what you get after extracting the milk from the meat. The chaff can be used in various ways.

Facials: You can use the chaff as a facial scrub. How? Wet your face and scrub gently with the chaff. Leave for about 10 minutes before rinsing off. Effect? It leaves your skin feeling smooth. When done regularly, it gives your skin a fresh look. Refrigerate the chaff to keep it fresh. You can freeze the bulk of it and leave a smaller portion in the fridge.

Flour: The chaff can be processed into flour. Coconut flour is ideal for celiacs and diabetics because it is gluten free, high in fibre and low in carbohydrates. Apart from baking,  coconut flour is also used for making what we call “swallow” in Nigeria. Swallow is the general word used for any thing “swallowable” that can be swallowed with soup. :)

Others: It can also be used to add texture and flavor to pastries and chocolates.

I hope you found this post useful and enlightening or was I too late? ;)










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