When a lady is pregnant, especially if it is her first pregnancy, she is bombarded with lots of info on what is good for her health and that of the baby’s . . . and that’s great. A lot of attention is paid to the pregnant lady for obvious reasons. After birth, most, if not all of that attention is focused on the baby. Great too. But what about the mother who is left feeling bereft of the attention? Well, that was what it felt like to me 😉

However this post is not focused on the psychological issues a new mother may have (I am not a shrink 😉 ) but rather on the physical beauty of the expectant mum. Organic virgin coconut oil has some beauty benefits that may be useful for you if you are an expectant mum.




1. Rub in organic virgin coconut oil on your thighs, belly, butt and boobs at least twice a day after a bath in order to prevent the formation of new stretch marks on the skin.


2. Organic virgin coconut oil contains some qualities which when absorbed by the skin, help trigger the production of protein which in turn promotes collagen formation in the skin. You don’t want to have saggy looking skin after the baby is born do you? Saggy looking skin can be avoided when you use organic virgin coconut oil as moisturizer during and after pregnancy.


3. Pregnancy affects women in different ways in terms of hair growth. If you think you are experiencing hair loss during pregnancy then regularly massage organic virgin coconut oil in to your scalp for the promotion of hair growth. See your hair stylist on how to.


4. To avoid cracked soles, drink enough water, keep your feet clean and massage regularly with organic virgin coconut oil. It also moisturizes and smoothens rough skin on the hands.


I hope you find the above helpful. However, don’t take my word for it. Please see your dermatologist. Stay beautiful!

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