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“We are a team that believe that clothes were designed primarily for glory and beauty. We believe our clothes can serve as a canvas from which words and images of meaning are shared and appreciated. We have relied heavily on the Bible for the concepts for our first season but stayed as far away as possible from religious connotations. We hope our clothes don’t only make you look good but help to bring deeper meaning to others who share in your radiance.

The first season for Bversed has focused more on casual fashion wear, including t-shirts, polo shirts, sweat shirts, hoodies and jackets. Ajiri, the designer and creator of Beversed, is a Nigerian currently based in the UK. All items have been sourced from Europe with design and printing completed in the United Kingdom.

The inspiration for Bversed was received on the 31st of January 2015 and we have worked tirelessly ever since to bring our first products to the market. Through Bversed, we intend to showcase not only the principles and ideas that have helped to shape the world over centuries but also the people and places that were instrumental in that process.”























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  1. Can bversed produce T-shirts with inscriptions specified by me or images/ pictures that appeal to me? Customise samples with words that connect with my target audience/clients?

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