So, the other day, chettioan.com was invited alongside others, to attend and participate in a Vlisco Fashion Journalism Training which took place at the Sheraton Hotels Ikeja on the 10th of August 2016 and a Press Conference which was held at the Vlisco Shop, Ikeja City Mall, on the 12th of August 2016. For me, those two events were eye opening events in more ways than one. How so? Come into my head for a few minutes đŸ˜‰

Vlisco before the events, to me was just a brand name that produced African print fabrics. Hollandais, was another brand name that also produced African print fabrics. Same thing for Dutch Wax. In other words, Vlisco, Hollandais and Dutch Wax were three different brands that produced African print fabrics. All in my head of course.

I was disconcerted to discover that all three (Vlisco, Hollandais and Dutch Wax) were one and the same under the Vlisco brand. Stay with me, don’t get confused. Vlisco is the brand that makes African print fabrics which is referred to as Guaranteed Dutch Wax for Vlisco’s English speaking consumers and Veritable Wax Hollandais for Vlisco’s French speaking consumers. Just a matter of nomenclature. Here in Nigeria, the Vlisco African print fabric is commonly referred to as Hollandais by consumers from the Eastern part of the country and Dutch Wax by consumers from the Southern part of the country. See the source of the confusion in my head? Glad the confusion is gone, thanks to Adaeze Alilonu, Vlisco Marketing Manager.




Vlisco is a house of brands. Other brands under the Vlisco name include Woodin, Uni Wax, GTP, Super Wax, Wax Block (aka Hollandais or Dutch Wax) and Java. These are all African print fabrics. Ok. So now lets talk about Vlisco the brand at 170 years!

Vlisco was founded in the Netherlands in 1846 by Peter Fentener Van Vlissingen. Since 1846, Vlisco has been creating unique textiles that are cherished for their distinctive designs, colours and Dutch craftmanship. Vlisco is the only brand still creating authentic Wax Hollandais fabrics today.

Vlisco turned 170 on the 15th of August 2016. In celebration of this anniversary, Vlisco pays tribute to all African women who have always cherished and adored its fabrics. As part of the celebration, Vlisco has asked 8 women from 6 different countries in Central and West Africa to be the faces of Vlisco’s 170 years celebration campaign. These include world famous Grammy winning African singer Angelique Kidjo, Hajia Zainab Bako Oriola – an Abuja based business woman in Nigeria, Mrs Celestina Obasi – a Vlisco distributor based in Onitsha, Nigeria and Ejiro Amos Tafiri – a fashion designer based in Lagos, Nigeria, amongst others. There will also be lots of activities throughout the year. In September, there will be a fashion show in Abuja, Nigeria. In October, a fashion show in Lagos, Nigeria. Other events in October include the hosting of exciting exhibitions by Vlisco in all 6 countries that explore Vlisco’s wonderful stories of design, craft, colour and heritage.




Vlisco’s 170th anniversary comes with a special collection of festive designs that perfectly capture its spirit of excitement. Want more of Vlisco? ( which African woman wouldn’t?) Visit www.vlisco.com for more!













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