Or so it seemed! But not so really. It was one of those Sundays when you do not really know whether or not you will make it to church because you are truly tired from the stress of the previous week. But at the same time you know you need to go to church in order to draw strength spiritually for the week ahead . . . apart from other reasons why we go to church of course 😉

So having tried on several outfits on this Sunday morning (so unlike me because I usually know the outfit I will wear on a Sunday and make sure it is ready days before the relevant Sunday) I finally settled on this combo. My black blazer and my red ankara gown. My black low heel stiletto shoes, black bag and accessories completed and complimented this ‘effortless’ look.

Oh, and what was going on under the surface? Trust me, you really do not want to know 😉


IMG_20160723_214621                                               IMG_20160723_220113


IMG_20160723_213759                                                 IMG_20160723_215154


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2 thoughts on “EFFORTLESS . . .

  1. So, Biko what are the other reasons why we go to church? Ok I know. To check out latest fashion styles🤓.

    I remember the church I used to attend during my university days. House on the Rock Enugu. Nne you needed to see fashion styles. I would just be looking at fine fine gehs that wouldn’t let me concentrate on the sermon.

    By the way you look gorgeous in that outfit.😍

    • Hahaha. Jay Girl! Fine gehs that came to worship God. Lol. On a serious note though, from the ongoings in our society, it is clear that we have various reasons why we go to church apart from the obvious reason.

      Aaaaaawwww. Thanks a lot Jay Girl my classy lady!

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