A road trip indeed! This one was made by bus. However, I would love to undertake a road trip in a car with me doing the driving, sometime in the future. Why? Its exciting! At least for someone like me who loves to drive. Feel the adrenaline rush? . . . Yeah. But hey! Hold your horses . . . you better have a purpose and a destination before you hit the road. We don’t do aimless journeys.

Now why am I talking about a road trip? I undertook one recently and it was an interesting experience for me. Probably because its been a while since my last road trip. I found it interesting because apart from the main purpose of the trip, it turned out to be a journey of rejuvenation, self rediscovery and a journey of hope. It awakened dreams that I had given up on.

Now, I am dreaming again and most importantly, taking steps to achieve those dreams. What a trip! Thank you Jesus! Do I want to go on another road trip? Your answer is as good as mine. 🙂

And to you who motivated this trip . . . 😉


 IMG_20160603_095425                              IMG_20160603_093825


IMG_20160603_095448(1)                               IMG_20160603_120404


IMG_20160603_124454                                IMG_20160604_074714


IMG_20160606_184345                              2016-06-14-08-37-22-103 



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