Food for the body. Food for the spirit. Food for the mind.

To function optimally as an individual, the body, the spirit as well as the mind have to be fed constantly with the right stuff. A renewed mind is a mind that is fed with the right stuff. The renewal of the mind is actually the by-product of a well fed spirit. When you feed your spirit by studying the word of God, your mind is renewed. The renewed mind is better equipped to receive information, analyse it and come to a wise conclusion. So, am I saying that the mind that is not renewed cannot receive information, analyse it and come to a right conclusion? No. What I am saying is that there is a huge difference between the quality of the product (conclusion) of a renewed mind, and that of a mind that is not renewed, even though they both received and analysed the same piece of information.

In the book of Exodus, when the children of God murmured because they were hungry, God rained bread from heaven for them. The children of Israel called it manna. They were asked to gather of it every man, according to his eating, an omer. In Exodus 16:17 & 18, the bible says that the children of Israel gathered, some more than an omer, some less than an omer. But when they measured it with an omer, he that gathered more than an omer had nothing over. He that gathered less than an omer, had no lack. They gathered every man according to his eating.






…”They gathered every man according to his eating”. This brings me to the essence of this post. Just as the body needs food daily in order to function properly, the spirit man needs to be fed with the word of God on a daily basis. As a child of God, you actually deprive yourself of lots of benefits and good things when you do not study your bible daily. I won’t go into those benefits on this post but a renewed mind is one of such benefits and like I stated above, it is a by-product of the consistent study of the word of God.

Is it possible to study the bible everyday? Yes it is. How? Good question. As the children of Israel gathered manna every man according to his eating, so your spirit man should be fed according to his eating. You can feed your spirit man a whole book of the bible, great! You can feed your spirit man some chapters or a chapter from the bible, great! You can feed your spirit man some verses or a verse from the bible, great! It does not matter the quantity, the point is feed your spirit man daily. Don’t feel like you are not studying enough if you are only able to study a verse a day. Be consistent. As you feed your body, feed your spirit.










In my understanding of Exodus 16:17 & 18 and in relating it to this discussion, the unit of measurement used to measure the quantity of the manna gathered, which is the omer, represents studying. The quantity of the manna gathered represents the quantity of the word of God you study in a day. When you study, you are up to measure. Whether you studied a book, chapters, verses or a verse, you are up to measure. Notice in verse 18, that regardless of the quantity of manna the children of Israel gathered, whether more than an omer or less than an omer, when measured, it was an omer, Nothing more, nothing less.

Just take the decision to study your bible everyday for a month. When that month is up, do the same for the next month … and the next month … and the next month. Before you know it, you have formed a habit you cannot live without. The bible says that with God, all things are possible to him who believes. Believe and take the decision to study your bible everyday. If after taking this decision and you start to study and for one reason or the other, you are unable to study in a day or a number of days, please refuse to welcome any negative feeling of condemnation or guilt or shortcoming or whatever. It is not of God. Move on by resuming your daily bible study habit.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and the word … let’s eat!


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