If only my red pumps could speak to me, they would be begging me for mercy right now! Why? a look through this entire blog site will tell you why. But in my defense, I like the color red. Red is one of my favorite colors, if not my best. So when my classic pair of pumps is red in color, what should one expect? Nothing but regular “wearage”! 🙂

Paired my red pumps with black pencil pants,  red empire waist line spaghetti strap camisole, another black spaghetti strap camisole to cover my cleavage ( too many camisoles right?) and an off white blazer.

Gold accessories and a black clutch completed this beautiful look and here is my happy self! Vain much? Nah! I don’t think so 😉


IMG_20160323_192533                                             IMG_20160323_194444




IMG_20160323_195211                                IMG_20160323_195328



IMG_20160131_134522                           IMG_20150215_044140



Classic Pumps

Classic Pumps


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