I looked at my hands and realized that they were happy. How do I know? Simple! They look happy and I am sure if they could use words they would have said ‘thank you for keeping me happy’. So what makes my hands happy? Three things actually.

First, they are not idle hands and I am so thankful for that. They are busy, they work hard, they work smart and they achieve great things.

Second, they are well taken care of. How so? They enjoy exfoliation and massages, are kept clean and well moisturized most of the time.

Third, my nails are well groomed. However I prefer to keep them short because I think they fit my fingers better that way. The icing on the cake? Polish! Most times, they are coated with a color that suits my skin color (or not, especially when I am currently obsessed with a particular color of polish). Thank you My Sarah for adding color to my nails!

Now tell me, with the above three reasons, why won’t my hands be happy? 😉 What makes your hands happy? I would love to read about it in the comment session.

IMG_20160306_124156                                         IMG_20160307_034138


IMG_20160310_233449                                         IMG_20160307_034822


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