Though a woman is dainty (some of the time), delicate  (some of the time), she is definitely not fragile (most of the time). I looked at these shoes and thought ‘Just like a woman’. Most times, a woman’s dainty and delicate look is just on the surface belying her strength of will, purpose and character. Make the mistake of underrating her at your peril.

Just as the shoes will bear the wearer’s weight without showing that that weight weighs a lot more than the shoes themselves, so a woman can shoulder a lot of responsibilities that appear to be beyond her capability without showing the effects of the wear and tear . . . initially, just like the shoes.

A woman is shapely, beautiful, strong, elegant, fashionable and talented. Like woman, like shoes. How are the shoes talented like a woman? The shoes are talented like a woman in their ability to bear the weight of the wearer in an elegant manner without showing the stress on the surface. Or what do you think?


IMG_20160217_080151                               IMG_20160121_125701



IMG_20160217_080508                                                   IMG_20160217_080731


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